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Soft or firm Mattress for Lower back pain? Here Is What We Found!

Back pain is a devastating experience. No doubt! However, do you know that using the wrong mattress could be the cause of your back pain? Or worse still, a bad mattress can actually make your low back pain actually worse!

Therefore, we all need a good ergonomic mattress to relax our muscles and achieve a remarkable sleeping posture. In fact, the best mattress is that which gives you healthy sleep at little or no extra cost to your pocket.

However, it is vital that you choose a mattress that will fit your individual needs, for example, a mattress suitable for side sleepers with low back pain.

A Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery from the noble Harvard Medical School, Jeffrey N. Katz M.D. He is actually an authority in the field of low back pain.

Dr. Jeffrey also buttresses that, changing one’s mattress can have a significant improvement on your low back pain, more than you think.

According to him, it was discovered that over three hundred patients who were suffering from lower back pain, and who slept on medium-firm mattresses, reported less pain.

In addition, these volunteers used in the study also reported less pain-related disability compared with those using firm mattresses.

Soft or firm Mattress for Lower back pain

This goes to prove, contrary to a general view, that soft mattresses are actually excellent for people with low back pain—as against using firm mattresses.

Subsequently, Prof Katz recommends that you try various mattresses until you find which is best for you.

Gone are the days when an ambitious salesman would put pressure on you to choose a particular mattress.

Today, you can order the best mattress online from the comfort of your home, use it for a few weeks and have it returned if you don’t have it comfortable enough to meet your needs. Mind you, you can be sure you will even get your money back.

So, let us dive into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to choose the most perfect fit for you if you are a side sleeper who has low back pain. Yes, I mean the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain.

Soft or firm Mattress for Lower back pain – Which is Better?

However, another research, on the contrary, shows that about 270 people (who took part in the research ) prove sleeping on firm mattresses is now linked to poor sleep quality. In fact, there wasn’t any statistical significance even in people who slept on firm mattresses.

So, the firm mattress sleepers don’t actually have it any better!

However, that is not mean that soft mattresses are problem-free. Choosing a soft mattress that makes you sink in too deeply can make your joint twist unnecessarily and cause joint pains at night while you sleep.

If you choose the right soft mattress which conforms well to your natural curves and corners, chances are that you will have your joints aligned perfectly. And of course, enjoy a sound sleep.

Let me share with you a simple trick that will help you determine whether a firmer mattress would be right for you. I suggest you place your current mattress on the floor while you sleep on it.

The floor is a hard surface that can help you reduce the motion on your mattress and simulate a minimally firm mattress environment.

Alternatively, you can place your mattress on plywood to offer the needed resistance and dampen mattress movement.

If you are able to sleep conveniently using any of the tricks above, chances are that a firm mattress could be right for you.

Soft or firm Mattress for Lower back pain

Alternatively, some people find it easier to visit a mattress showroom and try out a couple of mattresses. There is a major problem with this idea.

Feeling comfortable for a few minutes on a new mattress doesn’t always equate to having a good quality night’s sleep.

The only best way to know is to assess how you feel when sleeping on different mattresses while being away from home. It could be at the hotel, family, or friend’s home.


Therefore, the truth is that no mattress is actually a perfect fit for everyone. It depends on your actual situation and needs.


What are the Best Pain Mattresses Available?

When it comes to spinal health, the truth is that your doctor knows better. You therefore should talk to your doctor before you make this all-important decision to change your mattress because of low back pain.

Therefore, while this guide is written to help you with relevant information to help you choose a good mattress, you should also speak with you’re doctor for professional medical advice about your spinal health.

Now, let us discuss some of the most popular, top quality, latest mattresses designs styled to relieve people who suffer from chronic back pain:

  1. The Saatva Mattresses
  2. Amerisleep Mattresses
  3. Helix Mattresses
  4. Bear Mattresses

All of these mattresses are no doubt premium, high-quality mattresses with a high price tag. However, you will get the quality, warranties, durability, and comfort you pay for. This is one of the closely guarded secrets of a healthy back and comfortable sleeping experience.

What should you consider in a Mattress that Relieves Back Pain?

There are different mattresses that can help to relieve low back pain issues, depending on your sleeping habits.

  • Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, you will definitely benefit from a soft mattress with the ability to cushion your hips and shoulders. Getting a hard or firm mattress is definitely not ideal for you, based on your sleeping habits.

  • Stomach Sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper who adopted the stomach-sleeping position; perhaps, because your low back hurts when you sleep, a firm mattress is ideal for you. Why is a firm mattress better? A firm mattress is better for stomach sleepers because it helps to keep you afloat without bending.

  • Back Sleepers

As a back sleeper, you definitely need a mattress that can support your lower back, with the extra ability to contour your body by being soft enough.

A mattress that is too stiff will add extra pressure on your back when you lie down, while a mattress that is too soft will not offer enough support to cushion your spine.

Therefore, your mattress should neither be too stiff nor too soft. We recommend that you go for a medium-firm mattress—that will be your best choice if you are a back sleeper.

  • Multiple Position Sleepers

If you are a sleeper who is actively mobile in bed and combines any of the above sleeping positions, then you will benefit greatly from Memory foam mattresses.

The best memory foam mattress has been so designed to encourage maximum flexibility and motion in bed.

In addition, it also combines the dual feature of being firm and yet soft in various areas for added advantage. you can also check out a reliable mattress for hip pain.

  Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Lower Back Pain

1. Saatva Mattress

saatva-mattress-reviewsSaatva mattresses are no doubt one of the best luxury coil mattresses out there.

You will often get the mattress cheaper than their competitors because they sell directly to the public.

We have our reasons for recommending Saatva as the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Lower Back Pain.

Saatva mattresses make use of two sets of coils which are specially designed.

The first set of coils prevents long-term sagging and is tempered steel. The second set is the comfort coil which has been wrapped individually so as to shape your body in a unique way. Check out our full Saatva mattress review.

If you ever slept in a 7-star hotel and you wondered why you woke up the following morning feeling so well rested, then the truth is not far-fetched. The uniqueness of Saatva mattresses must have been responsible.

You probably slept on one! In addition to the unadulterated comfort you enjoy with Saatva mattresses, they have also been uniquely designed to help treat lumbar pain.

No wonder orthopedic surgeons and other back pain specialists especially recommend Saatva mattresses.

If you want the best treatment for your lower back pain, consider changing your mattress to Saatva. You have an option to choose one of the available firmness options available.

Firm Saatva mattresses are meant for back or stomach sleepers.

The Luxury Firm Saatva Mattresses are ideal for most people with low back pain. Thirdly, the Plush Soft Saatva mattress is great for side sleepers.

If you have back pain issues, the best decision to relieve your agony would be to choose the Luxury Firm.

Yes, a Luxury firm does it better, as far as back pain relief is concerned. It offers you the medium-firm mattress feel you need!

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