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Novaform vs Casper mattress Review 2023

How you sleep matters. When talking about how you sleep, we focus on the mattress you lie on. That is exactly what informed this unbiased, detailed Novaform vs Casper comparison post.

A good quality mattress will enable you to have a wonderful night’s rest, while a poor quality mattress will leave you with pain all over your body by the time you wake up the next morning.

One should feel refreshed and renewed after waking up in the morning, but this can rarely be the case if you lie on a poor-quality mattress.

It will leave its telltale consequences all over your body. So, you should choose the mattress you use very carefully lest you regret your choice.

You own your body a good quality mattress so that your sleeping time can be the restful time it is supposed to be.

This is why we are going to look into Novaform vs Casper mattress in this review. Novaform and Casper mattresses are top-quality mattresses but they have their areas of strength and weaknesses.

So, this review will focus on these areas of strength and weakness for each of the mattresses. But, we will leave you to make your decision between the two based on the information we will provide in the review.

The purpose of this review is not to force any of the two down your throat, but to give you helpful information about the two of them so that you can make an informed decision when you want to buy any of the two.

Novaform vs. Casper Mattress Review

Casper mattress

Casper mattress is one of the best you can ever come by when looking for a top-quality mattress that will give you good value for money.

This brand name is a pacesetter in the world of mattress manufacturing and it will surely give you good value for money when you purchase it. See the list of best mattresses for the money.

It is equally one of the oldest brands in mattress manufacturing and this is just one of the many features that make it stand out from many other mattress brands out there today.

The fact that the brand of the mattress had even been around for a very long time indicates that it is a reliable product for those who need a restful night’s sleep.

The brand has also enjoyed a series of updates over the years and this means it has improved its products to make them more fitting for human use.

The updates also enable the brand to keep up with the latest trend in the world of mattress manufacturing.

Casper mattress is memory foam and it is made of latex.  Its foam is also made using heavy-duty poly. This mattress is designed in such a way that it gives the sleeper a comfortable sleeping experience

There are four different products out there from this brand; they are highlighted below:

  • The Wave Hybrid
  • The Original Casper
  • The Element
  • The Nova Hybrid

The prices also vary and you can always get one for yourself irrespective of how much you can spare. The brand is one of the most competitive in the world of mattress production also.

The brand was launched in 2014 and has become a household name in the world of matters manufacturing.

This outlet is not only concerned with the sales of mattresses; it also sells other items like bedding. Bed frames, pillows, and any other sleeping accessories you may ever need.

The mattress has three layers; the top layer is made of aerated breathable foam and the middle one is designed to provide zoned support.

The bottom layer, on the other hand, is made of a sturdy layer that features dense polyfoam. Its design intends to offer a medium-firm feel and it improves balance when you sleep on it.

The cover is also made using a knit polyester blend. The stretchy and soft feel of the mattress makes it stand out.

Is Casper a good mattress?

Yes, it is. The highlights below give credence to that

  • It is manufactured in the united states and made according to the standard obtainable in that country
  • Each of the mattresses comes with a 10-year warranty, which is an indication that it will last for long.
  • Each customer can benefit from the 100 nights trial period during which period you can return it and not pay a dime.
  • Shipping and returns are free.


  • You can find different categories of mattresses here to meet your specific budget.
  • Access to highly innovative products
  • The mattress is memory foam and this ensures that it will always give you a wonderful night rest experience.
  • The company ensures a regular update so that its products can meet up with what obtains in the global standard as far as mattress production is concerned.
  • The brand is highly competitive
  • The quality of the customer service is great and the return policy is straightforward.
  • It offers a comfortable night’s rest.


  • The mattress is not strong enough. If you are a back sleeper, for example, it will not provide the adequate firmness required to keep your back healthier.
  • Some customers complain also that the mattress is not good for heavy individuals
  • It tends to be more expensive than Novaform mattresses

Novaform Mattress

This is one of the most impressive brands of mattresses out there today and it has got qualities required to give Casper a good run for its money. Check out the Novaform mattress review.

It is also one of the most famous brands of mattresses on sale out there today and it even has an international reach.

The brand of mattress belongs to Innocor, which is known to develop and manufacture memory foam.


Virtually all the products from this manufacturer hit the international market, making it one of the most popular brands of mattresses out there today.

The brand of mattress is made to last for a very long time and will also give you good value for money.

The Novaform mattress is a memory foam mattress and this gives it added advantages over the Casper mattress.

Novaform is designed to improve your fitness.  It will mold your body when you lie on it to fill all your body contours and pad all the pressure points.

This way, you will not feel any pain while lying on it and you can wake you feeling refreshed and renewed.

The foam can mold your body perfectly because it responds to the heat and pressure produced by your body when you lie on the bed.

Once you stand up from the bed, its shape will automatically return to normal.

This makes the mattress very special and ensures that you will be getting value for money when you buy it.

In conclusion, you will find yourself melting into the mattress when you lie on it.

If you want a solid good sleep each night, there is no better mattress to go for in this Novaform vs Casper mattress review than the Novaform mattress.

Is Novaform a good mattress?

Novaform mattress is designed to offer temperature-control support.  Studies show that the temperature of your body can affect how you sleep.

So, the Novaform mattress is designed in such a way to adjust to your body temperature and we can say that it is a good mattress.

Its manufacturing was done using a special material that is highly sensitive to temperature change.

Some of the available mattresses made by this company include the following:

  • Serafina Pearl
  • Comfort Grande Plus
  • Advanced Back Support
  • SoFresh

Others are:

  • Altaabella
  • Novaform Plush
  • Bella Venta
  • Novaform Firm
  • Deluxe Comfort

Each of the various types of Novaform mattresses listed above has its areas of strength and weakness also. Each of them also has specific areas of application.

The customer will have access to different firmness options also.

So, you will always find something that is perfectly befitting your firmness requirements when you buy any of the mattresses made by this company.

If you need firmer or slimmer options of mattresses, you can also get it at this outlet.


  • It is an internationally recognized brand of mattress.
  • It is a memory foam designed to give you a wonderful night’s rest.
  • Different firmness options are available so that the purchasing needs of different categories of buyers are adequately met.
  • The mattresses receive good overall feedback from customers
  • All the mattresses in this brand are highly affordable
  • You can buy the mattress from Costco. This allows you to return the mattress if you are not satisfied with it.
  • What is more, you can access up to a 20-year warranty when you buy this mattress from Costco.


  • Some customers complain that the mattress retains heat and this makes sleeping time to be discomforting
  • Some end users also complain that the comfort offered by the mattress is short-lived
  • There are equal complaints about poor edge support
  • Some customers complain too that they find it difficult to maneuver and move while lying down on the mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: Casper or Novaform?

The two of them have their areas of strengths and weaknesses as we have discussed up there. Be that as it may, Casper has some advantages over Novaform that place the former ahead of the latter.

For one, the customer satisfaction record on Casper is more than what obtains in the other one.

Casper is far more affordable than Novaform, which is yet another distinguishing factor. The capability to put an end to back pain is higher in Casper than what obtains in Novaform.

The average cost of a Novaform is higher than what you can get when you buy Casper. So, those living on a budget can go for a Casper mattress.

Is the Costco Casper Mattress different?

No, the Casper mattress you can buy from Costco is the same one that you purchase from anywhere else.

How long does it take for the Novaform mattress to expand?

Studies show that it can take between 4 and 6 hours for the Casper mattress to expand.  Up to 90% of the expansion takes place within that period.

Experts also say that the matters can require yet another 4 to 6 hours before the expansion becomes full.

Experts think you should wait for up to 24 hours after you have purchased it before you sleep on it.

If you cannot wait for an average of 10 hours for the mattress to complete its expansion, you can make it go faster.  All you have to do is to follow the steps below:

  • Unpack the mattress first and remove all the packaging
  • Then, set the room temperature to what you want, bearing in mind that the mattress is made of memory foam and will, therefore, respond to temperature.
  • After that, you should separate the layers of the mattress. Make sure you do this carefully.
  • You can now wait for the mattress to expand.

If you follow the steps provided above, the Novaform mattress will complete its full expansion in 4 to 8 hours.

What other things should you consider before buying?

Do not forget to read reviews about each of the brands before you buy.

The reviews, like the one we have provided here, will open your eyes to some of the many features that make each of them stand out so that you can make the right choice between each of them.

Before you start using any of the memory foams we have discussed above, make sure that you allow them to air out first; a couple of hours should be enough for this.

When looking for the perfect memory foam for you, go for one that is between 6 and 14 inches. You should not hesitate to return the mattress if you experience allergic reactions


In this Novaform vs Casper mattress review, you have learned quite a lot about both types of mattresses and you should not now have a problem making up your mind about the right one to choose between the two of them.

Before you make any choice between the two of the mattresses, you want to consider the cost implication first and check which one your budget will be able to cover between the two of them.



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