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Saatva Mattress Reviews Consumer Reports 2023

Buying a mattress is no child’s play. It involves careful planning and brainstorming to help you make the best decision possible on your choice mattress. You need to carefully outline your needs and wants, as well as marry your choice with the available mattress option you intend to pick.  That is where you may need to take a cue from established Saatva Mattress Reviews Consumer Reports to serve as the perfect guide for an informed decision as far as choosing Saatva mattresses is concerned.

In case you never knew, Saatva is built from bottom up with coils studded in the foam. The coil on coil system comes in multiple layers and is integrated into memory foam. It also features a sleek euro style pillow top to give you an exceptional experience which are difficult to come by in today’s world of mattress. The interesting thing is that you get all the comfort at an unbeatable competitive price. Let’s check out the Construction of the Multilayers. Unlike the usual foam material found in most other mattresses, Saatva provides what is called a “coil on coil” mechanism. You also get two layers of steel coils, pillow top and a foam encasement. The Top Layer Euro-style & Cover Pillow Top for Comfort There is an organic cotton cover top layer which makes the mattress breathable and soft. In addition, there is a euro style pillow top which gives a great measure of softness and comfort.

2ND Layer for Quality Lumbar Support

Just below the cover but above the top of the edge support layer sits a memory foam thin layer. It helps to provide more support for the proper alignment of the lumbar spines. To minimize the heat retention issues caused by too much clinging up of most memory foam mattresses to the body, the Saatva has been uniquely designed to offer only very thin layer of no more than 1” thickness.

3rd Layer Which Offers Both Body Support and Comfort The base supports a layer of individual contour coils wrapped with foam. It gets to contour your body and reduce motion transfer. The contour coils innovation makes the mattress an exceptionally good one that outperforms its competitors. The coil innovative design is made to mold your body framework in unique way an exceptional memory foam mattress would. Therefore, you enjoy great support and comfort irrespective of whatever position in which you enjoy to sleep. The queen size variant of the Saatva mattress boasts of about 890 coils.

4th Layer Offers Support  

The support base   Saaatva mattress is undoubtedly one of the best in its category. It is a unique luxury coil mattress set to give you a cool night rest every night. The mattress was built using cut edge technology, and it will provide you with the best sleeping experience for the rest of your life. The price is somewhat on the high side, but you will get good value for your money. You will get to learn more about this mattress through the Saatva mattress reviews consumer reports provided here. This post contains all you need to know about Saatva Mattress Reviews 2017.

Saatva mattress reviews

saatva-mattress-reviews What is Saatva made of? The primary feature in this mattress is referred to as “coil on coil”, which is the basis of its construction. This means the core of the mattress consists of two different coils rolled into one. The construction ensures the mattress does not sag after several decades of use.

The design ensures the adequate sleeping surface is provided for multiple sleepers at the same time; the sleeping surface obtainable in this mattress is far wider than what obtains on several forms of memory foam mattress in the same category. These Saatva mattress reviews consumer reports will not be complete if mention is not made of the euro pillow top added to the mattress for improved cushioning, which ensures the better look and greater comfort for the end user.

Saatva firmness

It is important to discuss the firmness of the mattress in this Saatva mattress reviews. The mattress is presented in three comfort levels, which are Firm, Luxury Firm and Plush Soft.  Each of these comfort levels is enumerated below:

  • Firm: Do you sleep on your stomach or back? This firmness level is the perfect for you. This firmness level is equally perfect for those who do not want to sink in their bed but would love to float while lying in it.
  • Luxury Firm: This firmness provides a similar level of comfort obtainable in the best hotels across the globe. This level of firmness is perfect for those who love to sleep on their back or stomach.  If you and your girlfriend have different sleeping patterns, each of you can sleep comfortably in this bed, and both of you will feel restful by day break. If you find yourself changing your sleeping position several times during the night, this firmness level will provide you with several comfortable sleeping positions for an assured comfortable sleeping time all night long.
  • Plush Soft: If you are a side sleeper and you love to feel enveloped when you sleep in your bed, then this level of firmness is the perfect choice for you.


Motion Isolation

It is important to make a mention of the motion isolation obtainable in the mattress in this Saatva mattress reviews consumer reports.  The well-isolated motion provided by this mattress stands as one of its best features.  As a result, two people can sleep comfortably in the bed without any of them disturbing the other person even if they both toss and turn in bed all night long.  The mattress will not move a bit irrespective of how much you roll and turn in it. When you sit up in bed or climb out of it, your movement will never disturb the other person. 

The unique extreme motion isolation feature in this mattress is the exact factor that has won the heart of many end users. The motion isolation is made possible by the individually wrapped coils in it; as a result, each of the coils is completely isolated from the other coils present in the mattress. 

This isolation method ensures that vibration is eliminated each time you toss in bed or climb out of bed. As a result, your girlfriend will never be disturbed by your movement. Completely cool surface It is also important to mention in this Saatva mattress reviews consumer reports  that the mattress is designed to conduct heat away from your body when you sleep in it; as a result, you will feel cool all night long. 

The mattress is designed to permit great air ventilation, which ensures heat does not accumulate while you are sleeping.  If you are a light sleeper, no fear of warm bed keeping you awake all night long. Using a memory foam mattress may make you feel warm, but the reverse is the case with saatva mattress. The unique heat dissipation capacity of this mattress is one of its strongest selling points. The cover is backed by organic cotton, and this further improves the coolness and dryness of the mattress all night long.

Saatva life span

The expected lifespan of the mattress also deserves mention in the Saatva mattress reviews consumer reports. The mattress is made using top quality materials, which are both sustainable and renewable; it is made in the United States according to the best standard obtainable. The manufacturers give assurance that the mattress can last between 12 and 15 years; this makes it last longer than many other mattresses in the same category.

The mattress will provide the same measure of comfort, luxury and performance multiple times compared to its competitors. What smell does it exude? We also must make a mention of how the mattress smells in this Saatva mattress reviews consumer reports. It is unfortunate that many of the new mattresses being sold around do come with certain characteristic smells that make them repulsive. This is never the case with the saatva mattress.

It does not have any smell whatsoever.  The mattress is made using bio soy foam, though it uses memory foam.  Bio soy foam is unique for quickly off-gassing the mattress during the manufacturing process. This off-gassing feature places the mattress far ahead of many other mattresses in the same category.

Many memory foam mattresses are delivered rolled up, and they are in an airtight package. This is not the case with this mattress.  It can take memory foam several days or weeks to off-gas completely. This is not the case with saatva mattress, which off-gases during manufacturing, ensuring that no smell is sensed during its delivery. There is no smell at all after its manufacturing.

If your wife is pregnant or allergic, you can sleep on this mattress without the fear of developing any complication. Do you have heightened sensitivity to smell? Then the saatva mattress is the best for you. The layers It is also important to mention the layers in the mattress in this Saatva mattress reviews consumer reports. The top layer is a Euro-style pillow top, and it is stuffed with wonderful wadding material. The top is 2 inches in thickness.  The next layer is the laminated memory foam. Next to it is the individually wrapped coils sandwiched in a foam casting, which improves durability. Lastly, the base is made of tempered steel coils, and this provides additional sag prevention and support.    

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