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Lifan Vs Predator Engine Review

Lifan Vs Predator Engine Review

Both Lifan engines and Predator engines are made by the same company, The Lifan Group located in China. The two engines are outstanding and we are going to show you some of their specific features below.

Lifan Vs Predator Engine Review

Lifan engines

Lifan engines are made in china. It is a global brand of generator that is used across the globe. The company makes highly innovative products and is known to be a prime engine manufacturer.

The company does not use engines form some other companies but manufacture its own engines. The engines made here are available in different forms too and used for different purposes.

The company has a state of the art factory and even utilizes robotics in its engine manufacturing and installation.

This way, specific torque settings can be achieved. All its parts meet Grade 8 specifications, which gives an assurance of quality. The company also follows ERP Manufacturing and Parts Program.

Quality control of the engines is also top notch.  The company has so many advantages over its competitors. You will always get value of money when you purchase any of the engines made by this company.

All the OSHA-compliant Pro Series generators made by this outlet are of industrial grade specifications.

Aside from generators, the company also makes other machines like water pumps, pressure washers, etc.

The engines made by this company are also not so expensive. So, a price-conditions buyer can always opt for any of them.

Lifan Specific features

Lifan offers different categories of OHV Engines.  The entire engines made buy this outlet are EPA approved. Some of them are also CARB certified.

You can find some optional features in the various engines made by this company, including the following:

  • Electric start
  • 18-22 amps charging system
  • 2:1 clutch reduction
  • 6:1 gear reduction
  • Many of the engines come with Keyway Output Shafts
  • Many also come with thread output shafts
  • You can find tapered Output Shafts in some other brands.
  • You can also buy vertical shaft engines in some other brands of engines made by lifan.
  • There is warranty policy on each of the engines.

Available Lifan generators

Lifan offers series of generators. Some of the brands are:

  • Energy Storm CSA series
  • Energy storm series
  • Platinum series
  • Pro series energy storm 1500
  • Energy storm 2000
  • Energy storm 3000
  • Energy storm 4100
  • Energy storm 4150-CA
  • Energy storm 4150E-CA
  • Platinum series
  • Pro series

The parts are easily accessible. You can buy them directly on the home page too and it will be delivered with ease to your location. The parts are easy to replace. Many of the parts are easy to fit. You may have to connect with experts to fit others.  The maintenance needs to be done with caution, however, lest you forfeit the warranty.

Predator engines

Predator engines are made by Lifan Group, which is a Chinese company with its base at Chongqing, China.

Many of the engines made by this company do not require any special installation and you can start using the immediately after fishing the empty of the box.

The engines made by this company are durable and reliable to a great extent. They come with high horsepower and impressive torque.

They are also affordable. You can find different types of engines at this outlet for the following purposes:

  • Pressure washers
  • Cement mixers
  • Compressors
  • Mowers
  • Log splitters
  • Vacuums
  • Generators
  • Tillers
  • Water pumps
  • Chippers or shredders
  • Blowers

Predator had been making engines of different types for a very long time now.  The company is reliable for power equipment and will also provide its customers with imprecise technical support. It is also possible to get backup for spare parts to replace any faulty part on the engines you purchase from the outlet.

The various engines made here can give the customer value for money.  You can also trust the company for producing highly affordable engines.

Each of the engines manufactured here has a 2-year warranty.  Predator is one company capable of giving the customers what he wants in terms of quality engines.

Available Predator types

Some of the engines you can purchase from this outlet include the following:

  • Predator Generators
  • Vertical engines
  • Go Kart Parts
  • High Pressure Washers
  • Inverter generators
  • Water pumps
  • Agriculture
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Horizontal engines
  • Pump bodies
  • Pulley and clutches

The spare parts are easily accessible. You can purchase them from some other outlets apart from Predator outlet.

Outstanding features

Some of its many features are highlighted below:

  • The products are of commercial grade and very rugged
  • Its cylinder liner is made of cast iron and this means it will last for a long time
  • You can easily access technical expertise any time you need it
  • The company makes it engine casting by itself and this ensures top quality
  • What is more, the customer care is friendly.
  • The company provides long-term full support to the end users and even provides spare parts.
  • You can easily access technical help on pump selection
  • The products are highly affordable and dealers can access great discounts.


Lifan Vs Predator Engine Review

Predator always insists on quality in its engines.  In fact, the qualities offered here will exceed the expectations of the buyers. The buyers can access comprehensive warranty and the technical support is topnotch.

Buyers can enjoy 2-year warranty on ZS Power Engines, High pressure washers, pumps and generators.  This is one of the most generous warranties in the engine-manufacturing industry and it will give the end user a complete peace of mind.

You are expected to keep the evidence of purchase when seeking to benefit from the warranty.  Terms and conditions also apply.

The customer service is topnotch. You can easily reach them via various methods, including email, live chat and even phone call.

You can also come down to their brick and mortar offices.  Their phone lines are always on and they will be most willing to attend to you any time you get in touch with them.

You can even communicate with them both day and night and they will always be there to respond professionally to you.

The company is also open to suggestions from its customers about its various products. This indicates that they are bent on giving the customers value for money at all times.


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