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How to use Google home mini as Bluetooth speaker without wifi

Smart speakers are very common today.  Using the smart speaker is also highly convenient.  Google Home mini Bluetooth is among the most common Bluetooth speakers out there today.

They are useful for controlling several other smart devices in the home and also for playing music. Is it possible to use the Google Home Mini as a Bluetooth speaker without connecting it to wifi?

 Yes, it is possible. However, its functionality will reduce when not connected to the internet.   

When not connected to the internet, the Google Home mini can only be used as a Bluetooth player.   

How to use Google home mini as Bluetooth speaker without wifi

Before you can use it as a Bluetooth player, however, you must first complete the simple setup process and this can only be completed using a wifi connection.  

None of the smart features in the Bluetooth speaker can work once disconnected from wifi, including “Hey Google” Voice Commands.

Use USB cable

Google Home mini-Bluetooth speaker does not come with an Ethernet port.  This means that its only access to the internet will be via a wireless network.

 Google Home Mini is created to find a way around this design issue.  The device gets its power supply via a USB cable.

This means that you can connect it to an Ethernet cable via the USB power port with the aid of an Ethernet-to-USB adapter.

 This makes it easier to get the Google Home Mini connected to the router and use it without Wi-Fi to access all the available features, including the smart features.

Connect to Smartphone via Bluetooth 

Note that the more recent Google Home Mini does not permit the Ethernet-to-USB connection method. So, you need to consider the version of the connection you are using before going ahead.  

This is because the design changed in recent times.  The most recent ones come with a DC barrel plug in place of a USB cable. 

This new design helps Google to save money. The money-saving effort is not helpful to the end users.  The most recent version relies more on the internet and may not work well without the internet; you may also have to rely on the internet to stream music, rendering the device almost useless without the internet or wifi connection. 

Since it is a Bluetooth speaker, you can easily link it to your Smartphone via Bluetooth and use it for listening to music already saved on your Smartphone. Aside from that, you may not get any other function from the device.

Use mobile hotspot

To use Google Home Mini as a Bluetooth speaker without wifi, you can connect the device to your mobile network.

 This may not be available to everybody, however.  One thing you must know is that this option will cost you a lot of data.  If you cannot spare the data, you may want to forget about this option.

In conclusion, you can still use the Google Home Mini even if it has no internet connection. However, you will only be able to use it as a Bluetooth player under this circumstance.

 Bear in mind that using it as a Bluetooth speaker will only be possible if you had set it up while it was connected to wifi since its function as a Bluetooth speaker requires an earlier setup or pairing via a wifi connection. 

After the pairing over the internet, you can now get the Bluetooth speaker connected to your device automatically, enabling you to broadcast audio to your Google Home Mini.      

Can you use Google Home Mini as a Bluetooth speaker only?

Yes, it is posies to use your Google Home Mini as a Bluetooth speaker only. This can be possible if you do not have access to the internet or wifi connectivity.

 Google Home Mini comes with so many functionalities but many of them will be useless without internet connectivity.

The Bluetooth speaker feature can still continue working even in the absence of wifi connection.

However, you can only use the device as a Bluetooth speaker only if you had paired it over the internet with your device. Failure to do that will render the device completely useless. 

To use the device as a Bluetooth speaker, simply activate the Bluetooth on the mobile device that you had earlier paired with the Bluetooth speaker.

Once this is done, you can play music from the mobile device via the Bluetooth speaker for as long as you want. 

Can you use Google Home with just Bluetooth?

Yes, it is possible to use Google Home with just Bluetooth since the device has Bluetooth functionality in it.  

Before this can be possible, you must have earlier connected your Bluetooth external device to the Bluetooth feature on the Google Home Mini. You will need the internet to do the pairing. 

After you have paired them over the internet, you can now use the device as a Bluetooth speaker for as long as you want.  

The Bluetooth functionality in Google Home Mini can be connected to Bluetooth on virtually any mobile device. 

However,   you must have earlier paired those other external devices over the internet before this can be possible.

This means that you can pair the Bluetooth on multiple devices with the Bluetooth on Google Home Mini.

Can you use a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi?

Yes, it is possible to use a Bluetooth speaker with wifi.  All you have to do is to link the Bluetooth features in the devices with that of the Bluetooth speaker.

However, the Bluetooth speaker can only function with other devices that come with Bluetooth functionality.

So, check if your device has Bluetooth in it before you attempt to do the connection.  

Virtually all Bluetooth speakers can be connected to the internet without using wifi or any other form of internet connection.

However, some Bluetooth speakers require that you pair the devices with the Bluetooth speaker only via the Internet.

There are many others that permit pairing without the internet. You should check if that Bluetooth speaker can be paired with other Bluetooth devices without using the internet before you buy.  

Always read the specific features available in Bluetooth speakers before you buy. Also, find out about the reliability of the brand to enable you to get value for money.  

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