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How to Mirror Phone to TV without WiFi

If you want to project the image on your phone on a TV, it is not so difficult to do this. Doing so will give you access to a wider screen than what your Smartphone can offer.

It will also make it a lot easier for you to access the various controls on the mobile device right from your TV screen.  If you want other people to see your phone screen more clearly, one of the best ways to make this possible is to project the image to a TV.

How to Mirror Phone to TV without WiFi

It is possible to do the projection using WiFi, but will it also interest you to know that the projection can be done without using WiFi?

The information you need to make that possible will be presented in the remaining part of this write-up.  Connecting via WiFi is very easy, but doing so without WiFi is not an entirely easy thing at all. Not to worry, the details you need on how to do this will be revealed below.

In-built screen mirroring can work

Before you use this method, first find out if your Smart TV has an inbuilt screen mirroring feature. Not all smart TVs have this feature. However, many of the latest smart TVs come with the feature.  The feature can work via Bluetooth.

Since most smart phones have Bluetooth, it means mirroring is a possibility without using WiFi.

Even if your mobile device has Bluetooth, the connection may still not work if the device is not compatible with Miracast. Examples of smart TVs that have Bluetooth are highlighted below:

  • LG
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Etc

How to Mirror Phone to TV without WiFi

Many other major brands of smart TVs also come with the feature by default. You can simply check the manufacturer’s specifications to know if your smart TV supports Bluetooth.

After confirming that both your Smartphone and smart TV support Bluetooth, all you have to do is to enable Bluetooth in the two of them.

After enabling Bluetooth in the devices, go to the settings on your TV and check the input menu, which is where the mirroring feature can be found in most smart TVs.

If you are unable to find the setting on this page, you can check with the manufacturer or check the instruction manual that comes with the product.

You can find either Screen Mirroring or Bluetooth devices on the Input menu. You can then scroll through the list of available devices and choose your specific Smartphone from the list presented.

You will most probably get a message on your mobile device, telling you that your Smartphone is about to get connected to another device via Bluetooth.

You need to accept the connection before the mirroring can take place.  The mirroring should not take a long time after you have established the connection.

Bear in mind that every action you carry out on your mobile device once the mirroring is on will reflect on the TV screen.

It is not difficult to disconnect the mirrored device. You can disconnect it on your mobile device or smart TV. Disconnection is also instant just like the connection.

Use Bluetooth dongle for connection

While many of the latest smart TVs come with Bluetooth connectivity features, some older versions of smart TVs do not have the feature.  In case you are one of those using such a TV lacking Bluetooth connectivity, there is a way out for you if you want to mirror your phone to a TV without WiFi.  The best tool to use in such a situation is the Bluetooth dongle.

How does a Bluetooth dongle work? It helps to connect your mobile device to the Smart TV via a USB port.  Once the two are connected via a USB port, the dongle will send a Bluetooth signal to enable the mobile device to connect to the TV.

After connecting your Bluetooth dongle to the smart TV, you need to enable the Bluetooth feature on your mobile phone.  After that, allow the phone to detect the available Bluetooth signals in your area. Bluetooth signal from your TV should be among the detected signals.

Once your phone detects the Bluetooth signal from the TV, click on it to pair your phone with the Bluetooth from the smart TV.

HDMI Port can also work

One other way to mirror your phone to your smart TV without using WiFi involves the use of an HDMI port.

This method is even considered t be the simplest method to get things done.  You can find an HDMI port on virtually all the latest models of TV out there today.

The TV and your phone can be connected by using a USB to USB or USD to HDMI cable.

Before this can be possible, it is essential to first enable USB debugging on your phone.  Check if the USB debugging is not turned off on the phone.

If it is turned off, then make sure you enable it. If you fail to enable USB debugging before connecting the two devices via USB, the USB connection will only end up charging your phone.

The steps below can help you to enable USB debugging on your phone:

  • Open Settings on your phone and go to About Phone
  • Check the Build Number on the list presented, and tap it seven times.
  • You will get a warning that an additional tapping will open Developer Options. Ignore the warning and continue tapping.
  • After you have enabled Developer Options, you will find another number located under System Settings.
  • Then, locate USB debugging
  • You can enable USB debugging by taping on the switch

After enabling USB debugging, it will now be easy to get your phone connected to the smart TV via cables. This will enable you to mirror the screen of your phone to the TV instantly.

This solution should be ideal for those that have a smart TV that does not come with a Bluetooth feature.

It is also easy to stop mirroring the screen of the phone to the TV; you can disconnect the mirroring by simply unplugging the cable connecting the two devices.


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