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How to Change Inputs on Roku TV

How to Change Inputs on Roku TV

Roku TV is undoubtedly one of the most popular TV brands out there today. The fact that it offers easily accessible and highly swift streaming services makes it truly outstanding and attractive.

It gives the end-users access to a smart TV and enables you to access the primary streaming service without you having to connect a streaming box to the TV.

While there is no need for a streaming box when you use Roku TV, you can still connect a streaming box if you so desire, provided it is permitted by your Roku.

Good examples of streaming boxes you can choose from include the following:

  • Android TV box
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Etc

Before we proceed to how you can change the input on Roku TV, we will show you some of the interesting things about Roku TV.

How to Change Inputs on Roku TV

Unique features of Roku TV

Roku TV offers a wide range of top-quality smart TV streaming services and it is also highly affordable.

Thanks to Roku TV, the end-user can easily stream his favorite streaming services via this TV set without having to add any external device.

Roku TV is a form of smart TV that works based on technology from Roku, which is a streaming media manufacturer.  Roku TV is useful for those that desire to watch live TV, shows, and on-demand movies.

Is Roku TV different from a smart TV?

Yes, there is a difference between Roku and smart TV.  Roku TV’s technology comes from Roku, which is a media player manufacturer.  Roku’s streaming technology is also user friendly and the company offers its operating system to various manufacturers, some of which are:

  • TCL
  • Sharp
  • RCA
  • JVC
  • Magnavox
  • Hitachi
  • Hisense

You do not have to connect your Roku TV to any external device before you can successfully stream content. All you have to do is to connect the TV set to the internet.

The interface is also very easy to use.  Roku TV works based on the same operating system platform as its streaming media players and this makes it easy for end-users to download the same channels and streaming apps.

All you have to do is to switch on your Roku TV and get it connected to the internet, like a Wi-Fi network. You can launch the content via channels and apps to get your favorite streaming services.

One other important thing you must know about Roku TV is that it does not store up to its contents; this is unlike what you get in a DVR.  Roku TV only streams the contents directly and this means that you will only have access to the content during the streaming period.

If you want to access the content again in the future, you will have to connect the TV to a Wi-Fi network and stream again. The benefit of this is that you will not have any need for a large amount of internal storage.

Before you can use Roku TV satisfactorily, your internet speed must be high and stable; the recommended speed is a minimum of 3 Mbps for HD and 1.5 Mbps for standard definition content.

How to change the input in Roku TV

You will find Roku TV to be somewhat different from what you obtain from many other brands of TVs.  As we have mentioned earlier, Roku TV gives you access to a series of streaming services. If you like, you can change the input as many times as you like.

Roku TV gives you the freedom to determine and change the input source the Roku TV uses as a default when it is powered on.

You will find this feature to be exciting if you have a cable box as your primary decoder.  You can equally leverage this outstanding feature if you have a blu-ray player or game console.

In many other TVs, their input buttons can be found very easily on the remote controls included with the TV set.  This is not the case with Roku TV. While Roku TV may be different, it is still not difficult to change input.

Easy process of changing input

The process of changing inputs on Roku TV is easy and we are going to enlighten you about the process involved in this section of the write-up.

  • Look for the Home button on Roku TV remote control and tap on it.
  • Next, you can display the menu by pressing the left arrow
  • Check the left pane of the menu for Settings and tap on it
  • Next, select TV inputs
  • You can then press the OK button to display option prompts like Live TV, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, and so on.
  • You can then select your preferred input from the prompt above.

Setting default input on Roku TV

If you use the default input setting, your Roku TV will use the default input automatically any time you watch TV. The guide below can help you with how to input the default setting on Roku TV.

  • Click on the Home button on the Roku TV remote control
  • This will open up a menu option. Look for the Settings option and tap on it.
  • A new list of options will be provided. Tap on System among them.
  • Then navigate down to select Power. The first option on the list is Power On; select that option.
  • Next, tap on the particular Input Option you desire to set as a default. Note that each of the inputs has a specific preset name and this is in line with its particular HDMI input.
  • After selecting your preferred input option, tap on the Home button on the remote to save your settings.

It is very easy and straightforward to set or change Roku input. You can change from one input to another without any special knowledge of how to do it.  It is equally not difficult to set a default input. This means you can do it without any special technical support.

All your selections will be saved automatically too and this means you will not have to go through the process again in the future. Your navigation can be done with ease using the remote control.

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