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Is There a Doorbell Camera that Works Without WIFI?

Yes, there are so many doorbell cameras that work without wifi. Doorbell cameras are designed in different ways.

Some of them come with SD card slots and can record their footage on the SD card. Some of them are also designed to transfer their recorded footage to the cloud and they need the internet to do this.  

5 Best Doorbell Cameras That Work Without Wifi Review

Check below for the 5 best doorbell cameras that can work without WiFi:

Defender PHOENIXM2 Security Camera

The device comes with so many security features that make it a good choice for those looking for a doorbell camera.  It can get its surveillance job done without wifi also.

In fact, you will not have to connect it to the internet from any source whatsoever. 

The footage recorded will, therefore, be private and cannot be hacked by anyone. It is also very easy to install; just plug and play.


  • It can work without the internet
  • It is built of aluminum and will, therefore, be able to withstand unfriendly weather conditions
  •  It has night vision and can record screens during the night


  • It is expensive

Relink 4G LTE cellular security camera

This is a cellular security camera but can also work very well without WiFi connectivity. The product can also work without any form of internet connection. 

It operates on a 4G LTE network but can still get its job done even if you do not connect it to the internet.  The 2K super HD surveillance offers a WiFi-free recording, enabling you to monitor your environment without worrying about an internet connection. 

It also features 16x digital zoom for a clearer view.


  • It can work without wifi
  • Its range is 10 meters in the dark
  • It can easily detect any movement around


  • You will have to purchase the microSD separately

Konpcoiu mini security camera

This is yet another surveillance camera that can work without wifi.  It comes with a battery and does not need electricity to work.

 It can be trusted for monitoring your nanny at home. It can also work as a body cam.  The product has a 130 degrees wide angle lens and a battery capacity I 1100mAh.

The battery can also last for up to 30 hours. Installation is equally very easy


  • The device is portable
  • Its battery can last for up to 30 hours
  • It can record footage without internet
  • The footage can be recorded on an SD card


  • It can feel too tiny and difficult to handle at times

Divine eagle mini spy camera

The camera looks tiny and is, therefore, very easy to move about in your pocket.  It is also lightweight and can work satisfactorily without an internet connection.

 The SD card slot can accommodate a large-capacity SD card for logical recording.  The resolution is also clear and crisp since the camera can record in 1080p HD.

 Its field of view is 90 degrees and it comes with motion detection ability. Its range is 15 feet.


  • The doorbell camera can work without wifi or an internet connection
  • It comes with a motion detection feature too
  • The SD card slot can take up to 256 GB SD card


  • Its field of view is not so impressive

Rockspace T1 360-degree outdoor motion detection camera

 This product is cable-free and also does not require Wi-Fi connectivity to work. It weighs only two pounds and has a wide field of view.

You can slot in an SD card to act as a backup for the recorded footage. You can also pan and tilt the camera to provide a far better viewing angle, making it better than a stationary camera. 

The product can record views in 1080p and can see as far as 65 feet away.


  • It can see in virtually any direction
  • Its range is up to 65 feet, which is a lot
  • The camera comes with a 9000mAh battery and can, therefore, last for a long time.


  • You will have to buy the SD card separately

Can you have a doorbell camera without the internet?

Yes, you can have a doorbell camera that does not use the internet.  In fact, many of the doorbell cameras that use the internet also come with an SD card slot, where you can slot in the SD card for recording footage.

At times when there is no internet, the SD card slot kicks in and starts recording footage. The SD card slots can take SD cards with large capacity also.

At times, you can slot in 250 GB SD cards. However, the SD cards are not included and you will have to buy them separately. 

Many doorbell cameras also come with batteries and the batteries can also for a long time. So, you can use them without worrying about electricity. 

Are there any cameras that work without wifi?

Yes, there are so many cameras that can work without wifi.  Surveillance cameras have dual functionality in that they can work with wifi and without wifi.

 You are free to choose the option that suits you at any particular time. 

Does Arlo’s doorbell work without wifi?

Yes, the Arlo doorbell can work without wifi this is because the doorbell is not designed to depend on a wifi connection. They will continue to work without the internet since their function solely relies on their connection to the base station.

If the base station continues to work, they too will never fail, in chiming.  It is a good choice for those not within range of a wifi or internet connection.   

Does Nest doorbell work without Wifi?

Yes, nest doorbell can work very well without any wifi connection.  While the footage recording will continue without wifi connection, the recording will not be accompanied by audio since the speaker is disabled without wifi connection.

It will also not give a display-based announcement if internet connectivity is absent. 

The device will also not be able to upload the footage in the cloud since all nest doorbells are designed to upload their footage in the cloud.

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